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1. Website ownership

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2. Copyright and trademark

This website is copyrighted as a single/assembled/collective work, according to Italian and European Union copyright laws, International conventions and other copyright laws.

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The website may contain documents, pictures, software, information and other materials owned by third parties, like photos, ads, videos and music.

Every unauthorized use of the materials in the website is completely forbidden. The user must have the prior written consent of the owner.

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3. Use and access the website

The contents and the materials of the website must be used for personal application.

The user may download or copy the contents and other downloadable materials from this website only for personal application, provided that the user recognizes the materials are copyrighted and undertakes the observance of all the copyrights and other dues of this website.

Copy and save any content for non-personal application is severely forbidden. The user must have the prior written consent of the owner Bora System s.r.l.

Bora System srl could change, cancel or stop at any time every or any website characteristics, including the availability of the entire website or a part of it, its functions and database.

Bora System srl could correct potential errors or omissions in any part of the website, apply restrictions on some specific functions and services, restrict the users’ access to the entire website or a part of it without any duty notification and responsibility.

4. Guarantee refusal and limitation of liability

The user agrees to use the website at his own risk. The service is supplied in the way it is and Bora System srl denies any type of guarantee (implicit or explicit), including guarantees concerning attention/reliability/property/non-violation/suitability for specific purposes. Bora System srl also denies any other guarantee, condition, insurance or declaration (written, verbal or in electronic format), including any type of guarantee concerning care and entirety of any supplied information from the website.

Bora System srl does not declare and guarantee the website access will not be interrupted or there will not be any malfunction, errors, failures or losses of spread information or no virus will be spread on the website.

Bora System srl is not responsible for any direct/indirect/special/consequent/punitive damages obtained after entering the website or the inability to enter it, including virus gained from the website and the entrustment on the information or the materials on the website.

5. Relevant laws and jurisdiction

The user recognizes and agrees that any controversy from the access or the use of the website will be govern by Italian laws, under the jurisdiction of an Italian court.

6. Privacy protection

The user-name will be registered in Bora System srl’s database, in compliance with D. Lgs 196/03 (Privacy Act), only for focused communication. These personal data will not be given to third parties.

The user can ask the data manager of Bora System srl to update or delete his personal data from the database at any time by writing an e-mail.

7. changes

Bora System srl can change previous rules from time to time; communication of possible rule reviews will be announced on this page. Incessant use of the website means the acceptance of the aforementioned changes or reviews from the user, so we suggest to visit this page regularly.


Many pictures on this website are redirected. They have the only purpose to show the product.

Limits of current technology involve some differences between how materials are shown on the screen and how they actually are.

It may be useful to preview some samples before the purchase.

The guarantee on our products is the one required by law.

Bora System srl could change its products at any time, without any notification, compared to what specified in this website, in the catalogues, in the maps and in any other documents.

Shutters and window-shutters require CE marking. On this type of products is attached the label below, to guarantee the certification.

CE marking

Bora System, Cornise, Italyframes, IXXI, Scuretttto e Scuretttto Kit are trademarks.

Eclisse, Laminam, Qualicoat, Scrigno e Viv Decoral are trademarks by their respective owners.